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Yves Andrieux

Yves Andrieux & Vincent Jalbert have been giving life to old military fabric since 2003. Plying their art in their combined workshop gallery in the Marais district of Paris. Finished work is juxtaposed with mountains of raw materials awaiting their miraculous metamorphosis. With a love and passion for recycled antique and military fabrics, the duo refashion flea market finds into sophisticated designs, which wouldn’t look out of place on a Victorian version of Out of Africa. The utilitarian canvas of military tents are beautifully reimagined in structured, almost prudish jackets for women, and paired with riveted and generously pleated canvas skirts. The rich tonality and fading on the well-worn military fabrications make for subtle, complex coordinates, while the addition of delicate embellishment and overprinting adds a softer touch.


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