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steven junil park

6x4 is the body of work of an individual who chooses to remain anonymous behind the label. It is the expression of the aesthetic universe this individual wants to create and inhabit. Manifest into physical reality from the realm of ideas and intention through the making of simple functional objects, the philosophy of this universe is written in the visual and material attributes of the objects. The maker is driven by resourcefulness, respect for materials, and experimental processes in a world that is overburdened with excess. For the creator this philosophy can be likened to the uncovering of an ancient buried city, exposed to them by each act of creation.​

Our humanness is reflected in our objects and clothing
; to make tools and objects is an act that defines our species. The way we live with each other and with the earth is reflected in these artefacts of our survival, society and culture. These objects represent a way of living.


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