Keiko Mecheri

An atypical journey taken by Keiko Mecheri, child of Atami, Japan, an artist painter, with no particular predestination, to create perfumes. Perhaps a hidden sensibility, a deep intuition about scents, inspired Keiko Mecheri for her olfactory expressions.


The world of Keiko Mecheri is synonymous with eclecticism. Her aversion for polished abstract scents compelled her to be attracted to perfumes that are almost tactile. Keiko Mecheri compositions narrate the constellation of olfactory memories, metaphors, bits of everyday life, period epics of far off locations, in a continuous quest to the origins of a Grand Parfum.

Keiko Mecheri perfumes have addictive notes and ineffable sillage that restore the raw sensuality, the mystery, and the real dimension of parfums d'exception.