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K A R E N A   C A R R A N 

Karena Carran Bekah

Karena Carran is the clothing brand of Dunedin based artist Bekah Carran. She produces everything in her studio in McAndrews Bay.

Bekah Carran was born in Wanganui in 1976. She was awarded a BFA from the Otago School of Fine Art in 1998, was the Olivia Spencer Bower Artist-in-Residence in Christchurch, 2003 and was the Physics Room Artist-in-Residence, 2007.

Carran's receptiveness to notions of the everyday and her observations of the contemporary condition are often realised in poetic installations marked by the refined use of unremarkable materials. Responding, in part, to debates surrounding sustainability and environmental decline, Carran manufactures alternative realities - creating opportunities for reflection and hope.


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